Treatment for Bunions in Naples, FL

Bunions are a type of foot deformity, caused by the joint of your big toe protruding. It is often caused by wearing pointed or ill-fitting shoes that squeeze your toes into unnatural positions.

Bunions can be treated by wearing proper shoes, or wearing specialty splints or orthotics, but sometimes surgery is needed.

Here are signs that you need to consider surgery:

  • Pain That Limits Your Everyday Activities, Even with Proper Shoes
  • Inability to Walk More than a Few Blocks Without Pain
  • Toe Deformity
  • Pain Persisting Even with Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
  • Bunions Not Healing Even After a Change in Shoes or Medication

Please call Collier Podiatry P.A. today if you are suffering from bunions to discuss the treatment you need to relieve the pain and correct deformities!